Coral Castle

Have you ever heard about Coral Castle?What is this and how was it built? Let’s read with me until the last. Actually,thinking about Coral Castle in Florida may be jaw-dropping as we the humans in 21 st century. It is really a wonderful one.

Some might have known about it but most of you will be what is that??Coral Castle was built by only a human without the aid of modern mechanics or any collaborators. So you can have a question with which material did he build it.So let me tease to know about it. Look at these pictures.

That is one of the living quarters of Edward Leedskalnin who single-handedly built Coral Castle.As in the picture,a stone on the wall is about 8 feet tall.Moreover its average weight is 14 tons for a small stone and 27 tons for a bigger one.If so, you will curiously know how would only Leedskalnin build it without the help of the modern machines.

I would like to introduce about Edward Leedskalnin to know how did he build.He is Latvian-American and was born on January 12, 1887 in Stāmeriena Parish, Latvia. His parents were not wealthy and he received only a fourth-grade formal education. He was inspired to build the structure after being abandoned by his 16-year-old sweetheart on what was to be their wedding day. At that time, he was still 26 years old. After being refused from her girl, he came to American from Latvia. After that, he also suffered tuberculosis and moved to the warmer climate of Florida. And luckily he was slowly recovered from his disease by affecting magnet on him. Some said that he had supernatural abilities for building the castle with reverse magnetism.

He wanted to prove his girl that he could do something remarkable, and make something of himself despite his poverty and fourth-grade education. He had been engrossed only for that building for 28 years in his entire life. He died in 1951 with uremia. The castle originally called Rock Gate Park, is scientifically inexplicable. But after he died, it was named Coral Castle as a tourist attraction. Nobody was allowed to look at how he was building it. But some teenagers who saw that said he moved the big stones using hydrogen balloons. He used only perpetual motion holder as advance tool. Even light can’t absolutely penetrate where a stone and another one join. How amazing his creation was!

The whole Coral Castle was built up of stones, weighing about 1,000 tons. The vertical walls around the Coral Castle have 2.4 m lengths equal to each. Even after decades, the overall appearance of the giant stones did not change at all. Inside the Castle, as labelled above, things like Ed’s living quarters, sundials that show exact time, a Polar telescope and a place where we can enjoy Barbecue, exist. There is also a well, a fountain, virtual man-made stellar asteroids, standard planets, and a plethora of monolithic furniture.

The only thing that makes the Coral Castle even more famous is the 8-foot high, 8.2 ton, turnable rock door that has often been described in TV shows. Ed built that 8-foot high door well-fitted and amazingly, it can be opened by turning only a child’s single finger.

There are rumors about how Ed created such a castle full of mysteries even without the help of modern machines. But, nobody could express the details very well. According to the Coral Castle website, if someone asked Ed how he built it, he would probably said, “I came to understand the laws of weight and leverage well, and that’s all.” Another interesting fact is that Ed also researched the secrets of the pyramids while he was disclosing the Great Pyramid of Giza.Hope you enjoy it.

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