Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ( ADHD)

Today I want to talk about a medical condition called Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (

What is ADHD?
ADHD is a medical condition that is caused by the differences in the development of the
brain. The symptoms of ADHD can develop in early childhood. In some people, the
symptoms fade away later in adults. But in some people, the symptoms remain persistent for the whole life. ADHD makes difficulties in learning, communication, and normal daily activities.

What are the symptoms of ADHD?
Symptoms of ADHD are-
⚡ a short attention span and being easily distracted
⚡Making careless mistakes – for example, in schoolwork
⚡Appearing forgetful or losing things
⚡Being unable to stick to tasks that are tedious or time-consuming
⚡Appearing to be unable to listen to or carry out instructions
⚡Constantly changing activity or task
⚡Having difficulty organising tasks
⚡Being unable to sit still, especially in calm or quiet surroundings
⚡Constantly fidgeting
⚡Being unable to concentrate on tasks
⚡Excessive physical movement
⚡Excessive talking
⚡Being unable to wait their turn
⚡Acting without thinking
⚡Interrupting conversations
⚡Little or no sense of danger

ADHD can be differentiated into 3 types in general.
🔲 The first one is “Inattentiveness”. In this type, the person with the disease cannot even
concentrate on normal daily activities.
🔲The second one is “hyperactivity- impulsivity”. In this type, the person with the disease
has a hyperactive personality both physically and mentally. He/she cannot decide what’s
supposed to be or what’s supposed to do in some situations.
🔲 The third one is the combination of both “Inattentiveness” and “Hyperactivity –

The symptoms of ADHD cannot be easily found in very young ages. The symptoms of ADHD are worse around the age of 12 and become more prominent.

ADHD cannot be diagnosed with simple tests because there are other diseases that can cause stress, depression, and learning difficulties like ADHD. So there are rating systems to diagnose the symptoms of ADHD ranging from vision and hearing senses. Moreover, not only the history of the disease from the patient but also from the family and friends are required.

ADHD should be treated not only with medications but also from the physical and mental aspects.
For children at the age of 4-5 years old, the parents must be trained before treatment starts.
During the appropriate treatment,
-the exact tests and examinations for the disease
– re-examination if required
– changing the treatment plan if needed
are required.

For the treatment plan, the parents must understand the pros and cons of the medications.
So the consultation with doctors is mandatory in order to understand the treatment plan.

By consultation with psychotherapist, the patient can get
⚡Improvement in learning process
⚡Finding out of ways to relieve the symptoms of ADHD
⚡Improvement in problem solving skills
⚡Improvement in doing normal daily activities and lesser social problems
⚡Higher self confidence and self esteem
⚡More easy to make bonds with family or between friends
⚡Emotional control .

ADHD is a complex disease and it is also unique for every patient. There are some
recommendations that can help an ADHD patient in daily life.

❕Make a list of tasks for each day and prioritize them. Don’t think about doing a lot of tasks.
❕Reduce the unnecessary tasks. Note down the priorities.
❕Use a Post-it sticky note as a reminder. Stick them in the bathroom, on the refrigerator, in
the car and where you may see it unintentionally.
❕Use an electronic calendar or notebook that the deadline and appointment have been
written in it not to miss the dates.
❕ Use an electronic device or a notebook to note down the important things.
❕Maintain the habit of keeping things in the same place every day.(eg. Keep the keys in the
same place)
❕Ask for help from beloved family or friends.

Hope you get knowledge about ADHD. Stay tuned for other interesting articles.

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