Baby’s skin problems in winter

Hello! Today we are going to talk about one of the problems that mothers face in winters.

Mom: “Doctor! I am not sure what is happening to my baby. He is crying and has red rashes on hands and cheek. What is happening to him, doctor?”

● One of the health problems for children in winter is skin disease.
● It is tired and difficult for mother to cure and care the childrens’ skin disease that is caused by cool and dry wind
● Mothers are facing uneasy problems such as babies crying non stop, unable to sleep and eat well. These problems are followed when babies are hurt and itchy because of the dry, itchy, red and rashes caused in winters.

It is easy to lose skin hydration since the baby’s skin is so soft. This is also the main reason for the itchy and dry skin in winters.
Therefore parents should care for their baby’s skin in winter more than usual.
Chapping and dry lips are commonly caused in winter.
During this time, gentle lip balm which is only produced for babies , can be applied. Here breast milk can also be applied.

The following actions can easily lose skin hydration for babies and cause dry and itchy skin.

⤫⤫⤫ Having bath for so long (In winter , you should shower your babies for only 10 minutes.)
⤫⤫⤫ Taking bath with hot water
⤫⤫⤫ Taking bath with soap foam for so long
⤫⤫⤫ Wiping roughly after taking bath (Wiping roughly can result the dry skin, so wipe softly after bath.

Non soap cleansers can relieve skin drying than other cleansers.
Parents should care when applying antibacterial soap since such types of soap can result in skin drying.
Parents should apply tha baby products which are produced with fragrance free, deodorant free and hypoallergenic formula.
Some washing soap and fragrance cream which include more chemical ingredients can cause itch and allergies to baby’s skin. Therefore, we should choose and apply baby products only.

If your baby’s skin is dry and itchy, you should take care of the following.

● Be drink enough water to get enough hydration
● Apply moisturizer
Applying moisturizer to the hydrated skin after taking a bath can relieve the skin dryness. Apply the appropriate brand which is suitable for your baby.
Since ointment and cream contain more oil than lotion, they are more suitable for babies with dry skins.
It is more effective when moisturizers are applied after taking a bath.

● Sunscreen
Sunburns can be caused by UV rays although winter is not as hot as summer. You should apply a protector when your 6 months or younger babies are going out.
For babies who are older than 6 months, they should apply SPF 30 or above sunscreen when they are going out.
The infants and young babies should not go out for a long time.
The winter wind can worsen the skin dryness, therefore the protector can also be used in winter too.

● Humidifier
We can also use a humidifier to reduce the air dryness in surroundings.

You have to go and see a doctor when dryness and itching are not relieved even if you use the above methods.

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