What do you know about Hypertension?

Have you ever heard about hypertension and how much do you know about that?

Today I am sharing knowledge about hypertension. So read till the end.

Blood pressure is the force of your blood pushing against the walls of your arteries.

Hypertension means high blood pressure. That can be caused by the increased tension on the arterial wall due to high blood flow. The more blood is pumping out of the heart, the higher compression on the arterial wall will be and the higher the blood pressure is.

Hypertension can cause serious medical conditions such as heart disease. In fact, blood pressure has two components, systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure.

So what are the symptoms of hypertension?

In some people, the blood pressure may be high for years without showing any symptoms.

In some people, they may suffer some symptoms like headache, breathlessness and nose bleeding while they are in the state of high blood pressure. But they are not the significant symptoms of hypertension.

These symptoms are usually absent until the patient has severe hypertension.

If a person has hypertension, he/she should see the doctor and take the appropriate medical treatments as soon as possible. If not , hypertension can cause very severe health problems like stroke, heart disease and so on.

From the age of 18, check blood pressure every two years and take advice from the doctor. If you have the risk factors for hypertension or if you are over 40, check your blood pressure every year and take advice from your doctor. If you have hypertension or heart and vascular disease, you should check your blood pressure very often. For childhood hypertension, you can do a medical check up every year for your child of age 3 and above.

If you are not accessible for medical check up, you can check your blood pressure easily with electronic blood pressure measuring devices.

(Make sure you have chosen a qualified device that can show the exact blood pressure)

In most adults, there may be hypertension without having significant reasons to cause high blood pressure. This type of high blood pressure is called “primary hypertension”.

In some people, there are underlying causes to increase blood pressure. This type of high blood pressure is called ” Secondary hypertension”. Secondary Hypertension is more severe than primary hypertension.

Who has higher chances of getting hypertension?

❗People with chronic obstructive sleep apnea

❗People with kidney disease, adrenal gland tumor and thyroid disorder

❗People with congenital vascular defects

❗People who take analgesic, oral contraceptive pills, some traditional medicine and some drugs such as cocaine, amphetamine have higher chances of getting hypertension.

❗Higher blood pressure is related to old age.

The chance of getting hypertension before 65 years in males is higher than in females.

❗High blood pressure is also related to race. ❗And hypertension is hereditary. If someone in your family has hypertension, you are also at risk of it.

Moreover, there are some factors that can cause hypertension.


❗Physical inactivity


❗Overuse of salt

❗Potassium deficiency


❗Stress and

❗Long term illness can cause hypertension.

❗Hypertension may occur in pregnancy.

It is dangerous to have hypertension in children. In some children, kidney disease and heart disease can cause hypertension.

In adolescents, inactivity and an unbalanced diet are the major factors of getting hypertension.

Complications of hypertension

If hypertension is untreated appropriately,

-Heart attacks


-Aneurysm (the dilation of the vessel)

-Heart failure due to thickening of myocardial wall

-Vasoconstriction of the kidney vessels

-Metabolic syndrome ( increased level of insulin, triglycerides and decreased level of HDL cholesterol, good cholesterol)

-Memory loss and dementia may occur.

Hope you get knowledge about hypertension.
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