Psychological First-aid for kids and adolescents

Guiding and mentoring adolescents is a great challenge for parents. There are many parents who are difficult to handle and direct their teenaged children.

But most do not know what the problem is.

We should not neglect the fact that not only parents but also children themselves have to expose the difficulty too when facing the adolescent changes.


Why aren’t your children clever anymore? Why don’t they follow your words? Why do they do the things that you do not permit? Why do they keep arguing with you?


Adolescents Psychology is becoming the thing the world should care about.

Depressing, seeking to suicide, using drugs and alcohol – such teen problems are not strange for us. We always hear such adolescent issues in our surroundings.

The problems can be solved when we seek to understand teens and help them.

One main important role of adolescent development is reflecting on themselves. As the childrens from warm and safe surroundings are quite easy to build their confidence, on the other hand the children who used to be kept scolding and blaming in their younger times , they have to struggle to face the world.

The guidance and support of the families are major for the children to reflect and see their true identity and their situation.

The family members need to give optimistic guidance, respect and consideration for the kids.

We need to help them in finding out their quality, weakness, ability and passion and also help them to view the world positively.

Here, the role of the parents and guardians is critical. It is important not to be greedy, to think fairly and not to hold the fact that parents are always right. It is not true that children should always follow their parents’ words. Like that, the parents who always fulfil the children’s wishes are not good parents either.

The second phase of adolescent development is the age between 15 and 17 years old. Puberty changes such as height and body changes start obviously. Then, they start to become interested in making themselves looking-good and attract others.

Normally, their way of thinking is becoming deep but when they are confused, they still can only think like children. But not like a child, they can start thinking about the reasons and the results thoroughly.

When they are young, they accept all the ways that parents manage. But now, they start rejecting the parents’ ways – if parents tell this is right, they also want to do something else not obeying to their parents. They want to decide and figure out themselves. Even though they still have the dependence on parents.

Therefore, they confuse themselves and they get easily angered. (They do not like the situation that they don’t desire when their parents make something good for them and they also cannot make the things achieved.) Sometimes they are active and after some minutes they can be seen as fatigued wondrously. This time is a messing time for adolescent development.

During this age, the influence of friends and colleagues is essential. They want to search relationship and partners since they started to fall for the opposite sex. (Parents should accept this situation as a natural phenomena and guide them kindly.

It is natural that they want to test and explore new things (such as sex, drugs, new friends and new work) at this age. They want to start practicing biking with one hand or without hands, skipping class and going for a swim and using drugs like that.

We are talking here only for one motive. If your children change like we mentioned above, it is not that your children are rude and bad, he or she is naturally growing gradually. Parents should accept this.

The late adolescent phase is the age between 18 and 21 years old. The body changes and the other puberty changes are accomplished and they get mature.

They start feeling like an adult and adapt to society. Thinking skills become mature and they can think thoroughly and factually. They can figure out what they want to be and their ambition and passion become strong. Since their thinking is mature, they can figure out the ideals and what is right and what is wrong.

As their confidence level is high, they are not influenced by friends like when they were young. They are not dependent anymore and they decide and choose the things they want. They also want to pick up their partner for life by themselves. They have known male and female existence and are mature enough to build their own families.

They can communicate maturely and take responsibility in family and neighbourhood. They can accept the ethics, life ideals, the ability and weakness of them. They enter the complex society world. This is all about adolescent development and their phases. You can see the successful teenage life.

Actually not every child can pass this adolescent development successfully. Around us, there are many teens who fell to accomplish a successful adolescent life. We can often meet the ones who stopped in one phase of development or degraded teens. In summary, we need to notice that to make adolescents successful in life, guidance and support of parents and society is critically needed.

Thanks for reading.Hope this article help parents understand more about their children. If you guys want to discuss about something, feel free to comment and ask.

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