The Mystery of Salem Town (Witch City)

For the ones who love supernatural, wizard stories and movies, a small town called Salem will not be odd. Yes. Salem is a small town, well-known for the wizard movies filmed in the town and is located in Massachusetts State. In October, Halloween month, travellers all around the world visit the town to celebrate the exhilarating events. Let’s read more to realize how this small town can be related to the wizard world.

In 17 century, there were two places named as Salem. The first one is Salem town which is situated in Massachusetts Bay.The latter is Salem village which is near Salem town, the few folks lived and the main economy of that village is farming. (Nowadays that village’s name has been changed to Danvers)

The all story started when a pastor named Samuel Parris moved to the Salam village with his wife, three children, his niece and two servants.One of the two servants, Tituba used to tell the voodoo stories to Parris’s children. Based on that fact, 9 year-old Parris’s daughter, Betty and the niece, Abigail, progressively become addicted to the taste of prophecy.

Later, the strange manners were seen from Betty and Abigail such as making odd voices, screaming and making strange body positions without a reason, throwing things, and etc. When we overview these symptoms, we can assume that these are medical symptoms nowadays. But In 17 century, no one could not accept that these behaviors are such medical symptoms.

Gradually, these strange behaviors spreaded the children and young women nearby. By the time Salem village’s local doctor said that these symptoms were because of the supernatural case, the fear of the folks was becoming greater and greater.

At this time, the servant, Tituba tried to find out the root cause by baking the cake which is made from the Symptoms suffering people’s urine.This idea was suggested by a neighbour. Even so, the cause was not found. Moreover, Parris observed baking the cake and got so nervous and irritated that such a thing is disrespectful to God and Superiority.

So, because of Parris’s pressure , Betty and Abigail accused that the ones who cursed them are Tituba, Sarah Good and Sarah Osborn who were avoided by the society. To examine these cas, the two criminal judges of Salem town came to Salem Village and started investigating. And, in 1692, Salem Witch Trial had been set up.

At the beginning, the trio refused. Later, Tubita admitted that a Demon had visited her, then she made a promise with the Demon. She also admitted that she found the names of Sarah Good, Sarah Osborn and the others’ names in the Devil’s Signed Book. At that time, the fear of popularity had reached the peak.

As fear can spread to others and when the feared ones gather , those folks can be insane. About 200 people from Salem Town, Salema Village and nearby, are accused that they had used the demon methods and 19 people are recognized as wizards and those are executed by hanging. Later in the middle of 1963, people were no longer interested in the Salem Witch Trial and some were against the trial.

Finally, people admitted that the executions were wrong and canceled the judgement on the victims who are accused as wizards and gave indemnity to the victim’s families. Also, the ceremonies were held for the victims of the Salem Witch trial and the memorial parks were built in Salem Town and Danvers (once Salem Village). Nevertheless the bitterness of the whole case and Salem witch trial will remain forever.

Such a town with the bitter past , Salem is popular as “Witch City” and many movies are filmed in the town today.

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