Statement of Purpose

As you can see in the news, world governments and civil societies are working together for the recovery and reform of the post-pandemic Education.But, in Myanmar, the Coup has left the country’s education system, already among the world’s weakest, in shambles.

I do realize that all of us are physically and mentally exhausted after what we’ve been through during these years.And yet we are still here.So,do not give up on your dreams and make good use of your days.

Today I would like to share some tips that would help you write a strong Statement of Purpose, which is also known as a Personal Statement.

Statement of Purpose

What is a Statement of Purpose(SoP)?

Statement of Purpose is an important piece of strong application which convinces the admission board that you are a good fit for your desired academic/professional program, highlighting your passion, educational background and avhievements.

In the opening paragraph, give a brief introduction of who you are and what inspires you.In that case, Remember that you are just one of many.If your first sentences are dull , irrelevant and unattractive, you will make a negative impression.Your story should be original, different and interesting. At the same time, do not over exaggerate.As it is about your life story, you can also address your failures, weakness and flaws.But express it in a positive aspect by focusing on how you overcame obstacles,remained persistent in the pursuit of your goals, and showed resilience.Share what you learned from past mistakes and how they equipped you to become a stronger man.

Be personal,be proud of your scars.

And it is also important to describe your academic background clearly and precisely. Read the promulgated Guidelines, understand the requirements and stick to them.(eg, word limits,page limits)Do not provide informations that you were not asked for.You don’t need to mention every single accomplishments you’ve achieved.Select the past experiences that you believe are relevant, what you earned from them and how these skills make you a good candidate for this program.The ability to evaluate and select what to include and what to leave out is a valuable skill in its own right.Demonstrating it can make a good impression.

What matters most is to strongly demonstrate your enthusiasm and commitment. You need to highlight why you deserve to be a part of this program,how you would make an impact and how much you are dedicated to the future success of yourself and this organization.

Keep a positive and confident tone.

The tone of your SoP is very crucial towards the outcome of your application.You should be clear about your goals and the readers must be able to sense this through the confident and positive tone of your SoP.

Another important thing is that your SoP should be engaging and presented in a spectacular way.

In summary, your SoP should be well-organized,concrete and within promulgated limits.It should be able to concisely express your passion, interest and commitment.This would make your SoP stand among others and earn the board’s impression.

Hope you will find this article informative and helpful.

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