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Hello, welcome from our blog. Today we are going to talk about gaming. We think some of you are also gamers.

Please continue reading what game we present today. This game is the most famous PC MOBA gaming type , Dota2. Firstly , most of the young people have played Dota. These days were unforgettable memories for around 90 born kids. Gathered with friends and went to the lobby 5vs5 then talking trash to each other and we had a lot of fun.
Today we are going to discuss the biggest dota2 competition match , The International ( TI ). So , please continue reading our discussion about what TI is and how they play.

The very first TI was held in 2011. During this time , Dota2 was in beta state and invited the famous 16 teams . The prize pool of this match was about 1.6 million dollars. In this match ,with the amazing performance of the legendary player ; Dendi, Natus Vincere ( Navi ) beat the chinese team EHOME and they won the TI1 champion Aegis and also the 1 million dollars.The champion team roster was XBOCT , Dendi , LighTofHeaven , Artstyle and Puppey. The match was held at Cologne , Germany. You can find a movie about it called “Free to Play”. If you are a dota fan , you should check out this documentary.

The International 2 ( TI2 ) was held in 2012. 16 teams also competed in this match. 14 teams got direct invitations and the other two teams selected by competing in their regions , the qualifier. The prize pool is also 1.6 million dollars this time. This year , the TI 1 champion Navi met with the chinese team IG at the Grand Final and IG won this time. The prize pool was 1 million dollars like the TI 1. The champion team roster was Zhou , Ferrari_430 , YYF , ChauN and Faith . The match was held in Seattle , USA .

The International 3 ( TI 3 ) was the first match in which the Battle Pass was released and the prizepool was increased by about 2.87 million dollars. The Battle Pass or The Book what we called was the release of an event before The International. You can buy this book with a few dollars and you have the opportunity to get back the beautiful special item sets. The money from the selling of this book was added to the prize pool of The International. ( valve can’t pay all by themselves..xD ) . In this match, Navi attended the Grand Final 3 times in a row and fought with Alliance team for this time. This time we watched dramatically the performance of Alliance team stealing towers without backdoor protection which has not been in dota2 . At the 5th game , Alliance team won the game with the performance of Mid player S4 by cancelling the TP of Navi’ players who want to protect their towers and Throne in their base. Alliance Team won the Aegis and the prize pool with the rat doto playing style. After this match , Valve fixed the problem of backdoor protection by adding the rules : no creep , no damage to the tower. The champion team roster was Loda , S4 , AdmiralBulldog , EGM and Akke . The match was held in Seattle from TI 2 to TI 7.

The International TI 4 was held in 2014 and there were 16 teams. 11 teams got direct invitations and the other teams were selected by going to play the regional qualifiers. The prize pool of this match was 10.9 million dollars. This time the two chinese teams met at Grand final and the team Newbee beat the Vici gaming and won the Aegis and 5 million dollars. The champion team roster was Hao , Mu , xiao8 , Banana and Sansheng.

The International 5 ( TI 5 ) was held in 2015 and there were also 16 teams. 10 teams got direct invitations and the other team were selected ; four teams from China region , America region , South East Asia ( SEA ) and Europe region by their qualifiers. The other two teams were reselected by Wild Card. In 2015 we all forecasted that the two strongest teams Evil Geniuses ( EG ) and Team Secret would meet at the Grand Final. Unfortunately , Team Secret can’t do it. Unexpectedly , the Chinese CDEC team arrived at the Grand Final. The small Chinese team CDEC which got invited from the Wild Card was going to face the strongest team in TI 5 , Evil Geniuses which is a USA based team. EG had lost the CDEC with a 0-2 result in the series and they tried to beat this Chinese team again in the Grand Final. With the amazing performance of 16 years old mid player; Sumail and 27 years old player ; Fear , EG won the Aegis and 6.6 million dollars in The International 5 ( TI 5 ). The most hype moment of this moment was slapping the CDEC team with two ultimates of EarthShaker’ Echo slam by Universe and Ancient Apparition’ Ice Blast by ppd. It was the original source of “It’s a disaster “ by caster Tobiwan and this was famous as the legendary chat wheel . Later ,Universe ‘ Echo Slam was also famous as the “ 6 million Echo Slam “ . If you want hype , you can check out the highlights on Youtube. With the winning of TI 5 , Sumail was also famous as the youngest TI winner. His Storm Spirit playing style was very impressive and later the other teams gave respect banning to this hero because of his performances. The champion team roster was Fear , ppd , Universe , Aui_2000 and Sumail.
( Don’t be mind for the long story for one team because EG was Admin’ favourite team…xD)

The International 6 ( TI 6 ) was also held in 2016 as yearly. The prize pool was increased by about 20.8 million dollars at this time. Among 16 teams, 6 teams got direct invitations and the other 8 teams were selected by two teams in one regional qualifier with four regional qualifiers. The Wild Card was also promoted to two teams. In TI 6 , the Chinese team ;Wings Gaming, waited easily in the Grand Final. The opponent team for Wings Gaming was an unexpected new team; Digital Chaos. The small new team Digital Chaos knocked out the strong teams and attended to the Grand Final. We all forecasted the strong teams like Team Secret and OG would go to the Grand Final but they got knocked out very early. Wings Gaming and Digital Chaos fought for the Aegis at the Grand Final. Under the incredible performance and a wide hero pool of Wings Gaming , DC lost and Wings Gaming took the Aegis and 9.1 million dollars. The champion team roster was shadow , bLink , Faith_bian , y’ and iceice. After TI , Wings Gaming was disbanded due to the permanent ban of China Gaming Association ( ACE ) and the players of Wings Gaming went to the other teams.

The International 7 ( TI 7 ) was held in 2017 and this is the last time in America. The prize pool was increased by about 24.8 million dollars. This time 18 teams were involved . Among 18 teams, 6 teams got direct invitations and raised the numbers of regional qualifiers. America region was divided into North America and South America and Europe region was subdivided as CIS region. TI 4 champion Newbee attended the Grand Final easily . On the other side , Team Liquid; organized with the strong 9k players, lost in the upper bracket and struggled in the lower bracket and then attended the Grand Final. Young professional player ; Miracle M God said that “Upper bracket for bit**es” and later these words were for the lower bracket players. This TI Grand Final had the most incredible result and Team Liquid beat Newbee in 3-0 result . Team Liquid took the Aegis and 10.8 million dollars. The champion team roster was MATUMBMAN , Miracle , Mind_ContRol , GH and Kuroky.

Before we were going to discuss TI8 , there was a belief in every Dota2 player. The East won the Aegis this year and the West won the Aegis next year. That happens every year. This is one point. The other point was No team has won the Aegis twice . There was a break of the curse in TI8 . Instead of the Chinese team winning the TI this year , the European team ; OG ( Opinionated Grandmas ) won The International . ( Notail answered the meaning of OG in interview that what is the meaning of OG and he said the Olympic Gay….xD ). When we talk about the OG’ winning TI , there was a drama we should not forget. That is about Notail and Fly.

These two guys were playing together in so many teams before they organized as OG. When the time was almost close to TI8 , Fly and the team’s offlaner S4 left the team and joined EG. This was the beginning of the drama. At this time , OG was struggling for the qualifier to play in TI and they finally found a new teammate ; Topson who showed off his amazing performance in Public matches and he had never played as a professional . The new player ;Topson played as Mid player and the team coach; 7ckingMad played as Offlane player . Ana, who took a little break with the team , played this time for the team and they got a ticket for TI from the regional qualifier.

Did they come to TI tend to crash the old friend ; Fly, who left the team when they had to struggle to get a direct invite for TI? When OG and EG met in the upper bracket , OG beat EG with a 2-1 result. When they shook hands after the match , the reaction on Notail’ face was unforgettable.

Let it be. Let’s talk about the Grand Final. This time OG was waiting at the Grand Final and the opponent team to crash down the OG was LGD team with the help of TI curse. At the Grand Final , two teams showed their amazing performances and the game went to the 5th game.

The heroes of Ana ; Phantom Lancer and Ember Spirit slapped the LGD and LGD could not control the game. The legendary moment of this match happened when Ceb used Axe’ Berserker’ call to save his carry,Ana. That was also an impressive moment and the whole LGD team got brain bleeds. When the whole LGD team slapped Ana’ Phantom Lancer , Ceb’ calling with timing to protect his teammate. This timing took them to the championship title. In this way , the curse for winning TI for the Chinese team was crushed by OG. OG owned Aegis and also 11.2 million dollars . The champion team roster was Ana , Notail , Ceb , Jerax and Topson. The matches were held in Vancouver, Canada.

Now this was the time for TI9 . TI9 during 2019 , the prize pool was increased by about 34.3 million dollars. The match was held in Shanghai, China. The China teams had a great chance to take the Aegis when they played in their land although the curse of TI was broken. They thought this time was theirs. 18 teams got involved and 12 teams got direct invitations. The other teams got involved from regional qualifiers. OG showed off their best playing styles and attended the Grand Final also in TI 9. Abnormally , the chinese teams were not performing as well as the last years and were knocked out very early in this year. Only the LGD team attended the lower bracket Final and were knocked out by Team Liquid . They got 3rd place for this year. Team roster of Team Liquid was almost the same as the champion team roster in TI7 , only W33haa was replaced in MATUMBAMAN. The OG team roster was not changed. As we said above , NO team has won TI twice and now this curse will be broken by this Grand Final. Whoever won the TI , they won the TI twice this time. In the Grand Final , OG showed off their best performances and beat Team Liquid with a 3-1 result. And OG won the Aegis and 15.6 million dollars with back to back champion titles.

Thanks for reading till the end. Next time, I will write about TI 10 which is also an amazing tournament so far. See you soon.

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