Wuthering Heights – Emily Bronte (Book Review)

    Even though you are a bookworm or not, here is a book that you should taste.From it,you can know well about the real people of the world and their true characteristics without any cover.

I thought I should write a short review since I started reading this book.Although I have read a lot of books during these days, I did not get the points clearly.So now before reading this book, I decided I will read it well and tell others how I feel about it.

    Actually, I think most of us will know this book because part of it is described in our 9th Grade English text book.Yep! That lesson’s name is “Fatherless Child” .Since I read it in Grade-9, I wanted to read its original book, “Wuthering Heights” .And so I found it out but I could not read it till the end because of my other study work.

    However, I am not a state school student anymore so I have more leisure time now.About 2 days ago, a student who is guided by me gave me one book as a gift. It was “Lay Htan Gone”, the translated book of “Wuthering Heights” from original English language to Myanmar language by “Sayar Kyaw Win Hlaing” .I am so glad to get it.Well, you know what, the preface of the “Sherlock”, the elder sister of the original author “Emily Bronte” was so strange.She wrote as “I am so tired of reading this book.The readers will never gain any joy after reading it, too” .

   Honestly, she is right.There is no delighted moment in this novel.It really makes us feel like we are struggling and breathless.I really do not know what kind of people should read this book.But I am sure the people who are depressed and losing their ways or their dreams should not read it.Fortunately, I can read it as I am in good mood during these days strangely.but even happy me, I took about 2 weeks to read this.And after reading, I still feel like exhausted. 

     The plot was about two families of the landed gentry living on the West Yorkshire moors, the Earnshaws and the Lintons, and their turbulent relationships with Earnshaw’s adopted son, Heathcliff.One day,an orphan who was brought from Liverpool by their father,Mr.Earnshaw, came into the Earnshaw Family.The Earnshaw Family already had had two children, Hindley Earnshaw (the older brother) and Catherine Earnshaw (the younger sister).At first, the two kids did not like that orphan child, Heathcliff. But Catherine gradually became close friends with Heathcliff later.

     Actually, the character who I do not understand the most in this book is Catherine.I am not able to guess what she was thinking about.Her speeches were mysterious like she was dreaming.We cannot know if she was happy or not from her speech.Her elder brother Hindley was the criminal and the victim was Heathcliff.Although we can say Catherine was an innocent victim of a fight of two men,she was not really innocent.In other ways we can blame her in that chose to fall in love with Edgar Linton although Heathcliff was in her mind.She confessed to Nelly, nanny of their Family, that she loved Heathcliff, and so would try to help but could not marry him because of his low social status and education.

    We can know the importance of classes and relative degrees of a Family at that time from this book.Therefore, you can get the idea of the fact that marriage does not concern with love i.e. you may marry a man for some reasons not only because of love.And after reading this, I getting know that at the same time, we can love and be bitterish someone else.Although I was misunderstanding Catherine during the whole story, there was one scene that I thought “Oh! She is amazing”.It was the scene where Isabella Linton,younger sister of Edgar Linton and wife of Heathcliff, told that Catherine knew Heathcliff well and his bad characters and so she chased away her love for him.At that moment, I really cheered Catherine for her intelligence.

     The backdrop of this book is about the action of Heathcliff based on the words of Nelly Dean,the story teller.Although Heathcliff is the main character, as for me, I feel only interested in the character of Catherine and her feelings while I am reading.After that I felt like I became Catherine.My mind was getting mysterious feeling as everything was gone, I don’t know what I want to be and I cannot understand myself  just like Catherine.

     I cannot choose which part is good and cannot force you to read this book.But it is such a really awesome book and you will continue reading one plot after another as soon as you start to read it.Well, my review is over here.When you have free time and your mind weather is great, you should try to a visit to “Wuthering Heights” . 

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  1. Interesting writing style! I’ve read many book reviews that were described with a lot of theories and thought by the literaturely baseline. This review is some kind of lovely way. You all can touch the novel from this review even though you haven’t read it. Cheers! Stay tune for more!

  2. I have read this book during this coup period and I am not much into it.
    My most favorite translated book is Gone with the winds(Lay Yuu Thone Thone).
    Because I rearly read translated books since I love old myanmar author books such as sayarma Juu, Khin Khin Htoo.

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