We always forget to care about our mental health although we care much about our physical health. Especially during such a difficult period, it is essential to care about our mental health. Therefore, here we want to share some knowledge concerned with mental health awareness.

Everyone can feel depression. Particularly we depress during such times, as we all have to face difficult situations such as health, politics, economics and so on. The World Health Organization (WHO) says that 5% of all adults in the world are suffering from depression.

Depression is different from the mental fluctuation states that we often feel, such as stress, sadness and tension. A man’s mental strength, and activeness can disappear only because of depression.

The symptoms that appear when you have depression are,

Sadness, Depression, being aggressive and mixing of such feeling, and losing happiness, loss of interest in daily activities, loss of concentration

Low self-esteem, feeling yourself as useless, losing hopes, and insomnia,

Fatigue and feeling restless,

Excessive weight gain or weight loss not because of weight balancing process

Continuous thinking about death, thinking to harm your life and so on.

Why do people suffer from depression? This is because of the following facts.

1. History of the family suffering depression. Inherited from your family.,
2. Got mental trauma in childhood life,
3. Suffering and treatment of chronic disease,
4. Stress in your work,
5. Facing financial and social difficulties ,
6. Distancing from the people you loved,
7. Loss of self-esteem and self-respect,
These above facts are the most common facts of depression.

When a man suffers the wrost stage of depression, he/she may commit even to suicide.

According to the report of The World Health Organization (WHO), about 700,000 people are committing suicide yearly. Therefore, it is essential to prevent and treat depression carefully.

It is difficult to be active like normal days and to escape from depression when someone suffers depression. Therefore when someone feels a mental disorder including depression, he/she needs to see a psychiatrist and get treatment.

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    1. There is no time in life for us to be depressed but we’ll never surrender. We’ll fight the military terrorists till we win. And the truth must prevail.

  1. စစ်တပ်ရဲ့မိုက်မဲသောအာဏာလုယူခြင်းက အခုအခါ ငါတို့ပြည်သူတွေ စိတ်ဆင်းရဲခြင်းအမြင့်ဆုံးအဆင့်ကိုရောက်နေကြရတယ်။

    1. There is no time in life for us to be depressed but we’ll never surrender. We’ll fight the military terrorists till we win. And the truth must prevail.

  2. Love for reading such topic.
    As for me, depression often happens.
    When , i soothe myself that everyone is suffering and chaotic in our country.
    So whatever happens,will happen.
    But supporting each other is essential in this situation. At last , i would like to advise everyone that if we have happened depression, then donate your time by clicking and using web esp revolutionary web and app.

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