DPC WEU 2021/22 Tour 1: Division I 1st week match Reviews

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Dota 2 DPC season is already started. Teams with high points in DPC will go to TI with direct invites.Or else, they will have to go OG way with qualifiers. But Teams with high DPC points like EG got smashed by Chinese dark horse teams at TI 10. And we are talking about TIs. So we shouldn’t forget the Nigma Airline. They will try to get many DPC points this year no matter what.

Lets talk about DPC WEU 2021/22 Tour 1: Division I 1st week matches.

First one is Secret vs OG.

Secret got third place at TI 10. And this doesn’t satisfy Puppey. So he kicked Matu and Zai. He recruit King SumaiL to play mid position at Secret and Nisha back to safe lane carry. For the offlane, he recruit iceiceice , former EG offlaner. And the team is ready for blood.

On the other hand, OG which is the two times TI winner team changes the whole roster. The only recognizable players are Taiga, former Liquid support player and Misha, OG head coach. Not only these new guys fought well with team Secret but they also beat the shit out of them.

In the first game, puppey give sumail grim stroke mid. This doesn’t go well against OG. OG offlaner Ammer the F shows mr. ice how to play timber with highest networth in the game. Yapzor’s monkey king can’t successfully open his ultimate during the game. He died staying on the tree. While puppey feeding with weaver pos 5, the whole team suffer from timbersaw’s ultimates.

Then puppey know he can’t underestimate the guys and he use his normal style draft. Even with this draft, they can’t win against new OG. Ammer the Fuck’s Mars speared the whole team with 2-0 results.

New OG team’s debut was a success with 2-0 result against Team Secret.

Next is Alliance vs Tundra.

Alliance also changed their roster. They kicked fng , limmp and S4. But they hoped Nikobaby the buffalo can still carry the game. Their opponent was Tundra eSports. Tundra doesn’t change their roster from last season.

Alliance’s new captain Handsken can’t even handle the normal aggressive playstyle of Tundra in both 2 games. Tundra picked same 5 heros both games and still won the game. Too bad for alliance.

A bad start for Alliance.
Will they be able to get their best form like last year?

This year’s DPC WEU region is really interesting. Lots of changes are happening and teams are trying so hard for their prizes. And we are happy to see high quality dota matches.

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  1. Though I don’t understand the game well, the review is very interesting and it can make me see the scenes in my eyes clearly.

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