End of Chelsea’s golden era?

Recent days are boxing days period in English football. Tuchel is facing this period as Chelsea’s head coach for the first time and also a hard time for the European champions.

Chelsea allowed only 4 goals in first 12 PL games but now, the goals conceded become 12 after Matchday 17. Chelsea’s defence allowed up to 11 goals in all competitions. Can we say Tuchel’s golden days are over?

In spite of the increased COVID cases, the Chelsea’s forward was struggling to score and this becomes one of the reasons for Chelsea’s failure to collect full marks in every matches. Tuchel needs to do something to restore the players’ ability.

The German coach needs to solve some problems such as midfield, left back, mendy with loss of confidence, forward and over relaying upon Mount.

1. The midfield problem
This was the worst problems Tuchel encountering this week. Kovacic was injured, Kante become injury prone and Jorginho was also injured. Tuchel can’t solve the problem with Loftus-Cheek, Barkley and Saul.

2. Something to replace Ben Chiwell
The blues will missing Chiwell’s movements and creativity beyond the match with Man UTD. Tuchel solved the problem with Marcos Alonso but this was not enough to lift up the team.

3. Confidence lossing Mendy
Mendy was lossing confidence and ability beyond the best goal keeper award was booted from him. He made mistakes during the matches against West Harm and Everton. Some will say Brithwate goals was Saul’s fault but that also related to Mendy’s decision and hastiness.

4. The forward problem
As usual, the Chelsea strikers can’t find the net until now. Chelsea signed Kai Havrtz and Timo Werner last season and Romelu Lukaku this season. Timo wasted so many big chances last season and Kai also can’t do something difference in spite of his ability. Lukaku scored only 3 goals this season and the forward problem need to be solved urgently.

5. Over relaying On Mason Mount
Lukaku’s lossing net also depend on Mount.
Mount creates chances, contribute and press on other team’s goal area and create spaces. But there will be nothing when Mount can’t play. Mount becomes the most important player for Chelsea currently and we less likely to see goals without Mount.
The England’s midfielder scored 7 goals and created 4 assists this season. But, Chelsea strikers need to score in every conditions instead of relaying on someone.

These 5 facts are the problems needed to be solved by Tuchel. Please give your opinion that should we search someone to replace Chiwell? Should we give chance Kepa? And also some tips for the strikers. Thank you.

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  1. This is the affection of passion football… I think, Chelsea is still challenging for title of England… Thanks a lot for this article…

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