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Self-studying English as a second language

Let’s talk about learning English. If you are reading this article and you can understand fully or more than 50% of this article, you have learned English to some extent already.

In Myanmar, we use our mother language, Burmese mainly. So we don’t have much exposure to English in daily life except from school. We have been learning English since we were in Kindergarten but we are not fluent in English even when we become adults. This is because learning a new language needs as much exposure as possible with that language. And we didn’t get that kind of environment.

If you want to become fluent in English, you need to practice English not only in school but also in your free time. And you need to have passion for it.

Some people are enthusiastic about English but they don’t know from which point they should start to learn English. I am sharing some tips and free resources for those who are in need of some advice to start learning English.

1. Don’t be shy and afraid of making mistakes

There are 4 essential skills in English and we have to learn all of them to become fluent in English. Some skills can be learned passively but some skills need to be practised actively with people. If you are shy and afraid of people to practice English with, you will have slow progress in your English learning journey. You need to realise that we are learning a second language and no one is perfect at the start of the learning journey. Don’t be shy and don’t be afraid of people judging you about your mistakes. Everyone makes mistakes and this is not to be ashamed of. So, wipe off your fear.

2. Try to know your level of English

There are many online English level Tests and you can find out what your English level is. Although there are many Level test websites, some are not reliable. Here I want to suggest some reliable websites to check your English level.

🌐British Council English level test from website


🌐English score: Free British Council English test


( This is app version and I strongly recommend it)

🌐 Cambridge Assessment English


There are many other websites you can try.

After taking a task, you will be scored ranging from A1 to C2.

After finding out your current English level, you can study English with the study method that suits you. And you can know your progress by comparing your current level with the previous ones every month. Knowing your progress will be kind of motivation for you to continue learning.

3. Just start learning

If you are thinking about learning English as a second language, just start now and learn something. Many people want to learn English but they don’t actually initiate. Without the initiation, the desire to learn English is just an idea that pops up in your head. You need to implement it.

4. Learn English in fun ways

In self-studying English, you don’t need to learn English like a subject in old fashioned ways. It’s boring and you have learned enough of this kind of learning. Now you are on your own and you can learn the English language as you prefer.

For example if you are a movie lover, you can learn English from movies. You can start with English subtitles while watching movies. Then, without subtitles, you can improve your vocabulary and listening skill. You can also learn expression and intonation through movies.

If you love music, you can learn English through songs etc.. . You can also practice your listening skill through podcasts.

You can even use your Netflix and Spotify subscriptions as language learning tools.

It is fun to learn English, right?

5. Use modern Technologies in learning English

People learned English through books, radio and television in the past. Now, we are using modern devices Eg; smartphones that are more convenient to use as a medium in learning English.

You can also learn English from YouTube and many other English learning applications.

Here are some YouTube channels where you can learn English.

(I) https://youtube.com/c/linguamarina

(II) https://youtube.com/c/SpeakEnglishWithTiffani

(III) https://youtube.com/c/LearnEnglishwithBobtheCanadian

6. Make social media as an English speaking environment

You can join English learning communities and practice your English with partners on social media or in conversation. Twitter, instagram and Reddit are the best choices. You can follow many international celebrities around the world on social media. It’s one of the fun ways to learn English.

Hope you got some kind of motivation to initiate learning English by reading this article. Stay tuned for next English learning tips articles.

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