Fundamental facts that you should know when you buy clothes, bags and shoes

I am just a girl who does like comfort accessories not even though I am a rich kid. I usually buy the products which are really fit and usable for me since I cannot afford lots of money on my luxury brands. Therefore, when I buy something for myself, I always care about the following facts. I will share these here too hence I assume that these would help for youths who like luxury brands.


When you buy a thing, the most important thing is it’s quality. I want to urge you to buy the products by brands for those especially the olders who could not buy a product by checking the cutting and errors. I started buying products by myself without my parents at the age of 16. At one time, I bought a blouse which I liked. Although I had checked all the errors, after I wore it about 2 times, the buttons and the thread of the seam became snagged and loosened. After that case, I always buy the branded goods since the brands keep the image with their quality. I feel like the branded things have pledged that their quality is quite nice. The brands I meant here are mid-range brands.


You will be surely uncomfortable when the clothes you bought do not fit with you. Therefore do not be shy and worried to ask to try out first when you buy clothes in a physical store. If you buy things on a website, do not forget to check the size chart and your body size. Please do not regard your size as constant hence the cutting of the brands are different. Do not forget to check the size chart if you buy bags.


Follow the trend but do not be obsessed with the trend because the new and new trend will keep moving since the new designs are created day by day. So buy the things that are suitable and fit with you.

I want to urge you to buy things with your body type, the place you wear those things, the money you can spend to buy and the above facts.

These are very fundamental facts when you buy accessories. If you have something else to advise, do not hesitate to tell us.

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  1. Earlier days, I was thrifty and looked for the soppy things but their poor quality made me sick. From those time on, I just turn my blind eyes the price tag and spend on the stuff that I really need. Money can give us safe, qualified, long lasting and confident materials. We can’t deny it.

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