Tips for your children to become Bookworms

We all already know that the children who love reading are better than the normal children not only in reading skill but also in other fields.

So, why should we not strive to make our children fond of reading since childhood? If so, let’s answer the following questions together!

-How many books are there near your child?

Placing books around children is the best way to make them read books hence the books are ready besides him when he\she has a taste to read. Provide books around them as enjoyment like their toys and dolls.

-What do you do with your child in your free time?

Having time to read books together with your child is also the best chance to improve his\her reading hobby. Children can learn new things by reading. You should read him\her books at a younger age but when he\she is able to read by himself\herself, you should listen more from him\her instead of reading books.

-How to approach the children who ask the same story or books repeat and repeat ?

Children find contentment in reading repeat and repeat. They are learning word structures, meaning, etc. Therefore, this can activate their memory and this can help them further reading.

-What will you do if your child loves only comic books and you cannot encourage him\her to read other types of books?

Don’t force your kid. Be understanding that children’s taste will keep changing with their age. Let him\her explore new things gradually.

-If your child is not interested in reading at all, what should you do?

It may be perhaps that he/she has not found the books they like. Show them all kinds of books like Dinosaurs, Cars, Fairy tales, Princes and Princesses, Mystery, Recipe Books, Animals and so on. If he\she still does not love reading books, he\she can have difficulty in school. Therefore, you should take care of this problem. The other important thing is you have to check their health. For Example, you need to check their vision .

-If your child is choosing to read an intense book, how will you handle it?

Let him/her try to read the books they like even if such books are higher than their age. Use this as a chance to learn new things. Parents need to try to make their children’s understanding level improve.

-What is your child’s most interesting book?

The books that were used to read most often will surely be tattered. This is the best sign. Reading again and again is most important in learning to read. Read to your child till your child tells you that he\she does not want to listen to it.

-How long does your child take to read in a day?

It is nice to have a reading time each day. But do not force them, if they are not interested. Make reading enjoyable. Do not force your children to hate reading.

-When you take your children to the library and bookstore?

Every bookworm knows that there is no joyfulness in the world other than to taste new books. Don’t you want them to feel it? Make a library member card by his\her own name. Support them to go there as a habit. Choose the books to read together. Here if you do not want to bring them outside because of Covid 19, you can buy new books on time.

-When you read books?

Parents are the very first teachers of their children’s lives. Do not forget that they are always learning from your behavior. Bookworm parents have a large chance to have bookworm children like them.
Wishing little kids would be fond of reading and to have knowledge.

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  1. It’s a nice article 🍀
    Great sentences…👇👇👇
    “Parents are the very first teachers of their children’s lives. Do not forget that they are always learning from your behavior.”
    Thanks for sharing 🍀🍀🍀

  2. It’s a pity kids these days have their faces on their phones most of the time and parents are letting them. They’re getting farther from the books.

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