Clothing tips for trips

Today I want to share which type of clothes and accessories you should bring on a trip in order to plan your trip.

I desire to advise others apart from packing outfits and pajamas enough when you start packing for a trip.

These are –
Bring the long cotton shirt. By bringing the cotton shirt, you can wear it whenever it is sunny or it is cold even if you have found the weather of the place you visited. Moreover, when something happens to your clothing, you can change with it too.

Bring a cotton scarf that is neither too big nor small. especially when you travel by boat or ship, you can use it to protect from the sun and wind. At that time, wearing a hat would not be appropriate. If you bring the scarf and apply that time, it will be pretty too.
I advised above to bring neither too big nor small scarf since you can pose a lot of pretty posture with that when taking photos.

You should choose the bag which is easy to cleansable. It would be more suitable to choose backpacks than crossbody bags and handbags. Any bag type you bring on your trip, I advise to choose around 12 inches or 30 cm bag size in order that you will be comfortable to carry with that size and the size is enough to pack all your backup items.

Pack water-proof slipper or slide.

Bring less pajamans than the number of nights you stayed on the trip. Most stay in hotels which provide air con on trips and sleep after showers. So your pajamas could not be dirty that much. It is okay how much you pack with a train or bus on trips. But when you travel with flights, especially on a return flight you may have a problem buying extra kilos when you buy a lot of things on the trip.

It is best not to bring very new clothes. Particularly, for shoes and trousers, it is bad when your new trousers do not fit you as well as your shoes.

Do not forget to buy sunglasses too.

When wearing the clothes,

Although it is nice to wear style pants and a shirt together, it is not okay on the trip. But when you bring both of them, then wear jean pants and shirt and style pants and t-shirt together. (Most everyone used to bring T-shirts and Jean Pants on their trip). It would be more beautiful if your style pants are ankle.

Do not wear very short and very tight skirts. It is uncomfortable to move.

Do not wear very tight leggings and sheath dresses too.

Some wear Myanmar dress on trips because they have planned to worship pagoda and for many restrictions to travel to the pagoda campus. But the problem is myanmar dresses are so tight to the body and it would be uncomfortable to travel around with that. For example in Bagan, there are many places to travel around and it is so hot there, at that time it will be definitely uncomfortable. Here, I advise you to wear a long skirt, long dress or string Longyi.

The above are the general facts and I am not sure you all will be comfortable with my advice. It is best to prepare clothes after looking over the place that you will travel.

I urge you to wear the most confort clothes if you travel for exploring the adventures and to relax.

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