IQ and EQ for Children

It is critical for children to know thoroughly the differences between IQ (Intelligence Quotient) and EQ (Emotional Quotient) during such times.
As for patients, they should know about that for which it is also important in raising children.
Both IQ and EQ describe a person’s relative brain level as ability.

Intelligence Quotient, called IQ, measures the intelligence of a person in response to his/her age, critical thinking, power of conception and detail thinking. Also IQ test questions are based on these facts. (Most of the questions are influenced by Mathematics.)

So, how do we calculate IQ? IQ scores are calculated by dividing a person’s mental age score by the person’s chronological age then multiplying the result with 100.

Average score is between 85-115 and a person whose IQ score higher than 145 is recognized as a genius.

A person having IQ scores lower than 70 is recognized as he/she has mental disability to control themselves. (We provided the link below to test your IQ scores.)

Emotional Quotient, called EQ measures the strength of mental ability.

EQ (Emotional Quotient) has 5 sections.

1. Self-awareness (Knowing yourself, knowing feelings)
The ability to observe and identify themselves if he/she is sad, angry, bearing bad behavior or good behavior.
(Children know themselves well starting at the age of 5.)

2. Ability to control their knowing feelings
It means the ability to change for the better in time before they talk and decide something.

3. Being active physically and mentally
It means they are active for whatever they are doing, not only for life rule works such as learning and knowledge developing.

4. Ability to understand others’ feelings
It means the capacity to know how their behavior affects others.

5. Ability to build more enjoyable relations by controlling the above facts

What do you think after reading this? What is more important for Children? Is it IQ or EQ?
It will be different from each parent’s way of thinking.
Children who have higher IQ scores can become more outstanding than normal children and they can get success in professions such as doctors, engineers, researchers, scientists and so on.

The ones who have higher EQ can get success in professions such as chief executive officer, employees, employers, manufacturing and services. They can have a great society and become good followers, leaders, good parents, and good partners.

The ideal value for IQ is narrow and only if a person has equal IQ and EQ, he/she can get real success.

The ones who have high IQ and lower EQ can be bad in communication with people and they can become self-obsessed.

For the ones who have a higher EQ level, they can get success and happiness only if they have just an average IQ level.

For those who have both high EQ and IQ levels, they will surely get the top success in life.

More important than for the fact what is more critical in IQ and EQ is – it is more critical to have high EQ than IQ to live in a society.

We can improve our EQ level.
EQ is learnable.
EQ is concerned with parenting in childhood and in also adulthood,
One can learn that from life lessons,
from environment,
from good colleagues,
from reading books.

Let’s raise our children up to have IQ and EQ equally.

We provided a free IQ and EQ test link below to test your children’s scores.
IQ tests can be tested starting from 5 and 8 years old and we advise you to examine EQ to the ones who are 15 years old or more.

EQ test

IQ test

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