What Makes Us More Attractive?

What makes us more attractive
Most of us put too much care into our appearance. This is not strange as we can see body shaming and discrimination based on skin color in our society. Such kind of discrimination can make someone frustrated and depressed, and I also used to feel like that when I was young.
But when entering into adulthood, I could notice what makes us more attractive, apart from the way we look.

1. Intelligence

As the saying “Intelligence is sexy” goes, being intelligent and considerate can make one more attractive, which does not mean that you have to be a genius to make people think that you are conscientious. However, you must have an ability to think critically, a sense of intrinsic motivation to learn, and a mastery of your profession. If you have these qualities, you will be more attractive. Regarding this, the word “Sapiosexual” has been commonly seen. A sapiosexual think that someone who is intelligent looks great, and the sapiosexuals themselves are also intelligent to a certain degree. Being a sapiosexual bring some benefits in the case of a romantic relationship, for example. A synergetic effect is applied to a couple (both of them are sapiosexuals), which means that they can help each other improve and grow in their professional capability and personal mastery.
The problem of jealousy may not happen in that couple. And in turn, jealousy can be
found in those who are incompetent. The cycle of the lack of qualities to incompetence and incompetence to jealousy can hinder the progress of someone you love in a relationship. Therefore, it is reasonable to conjecture that intelligence should be prioritized first in the list of what makes us more attractive.

2. Mind

Following after intelligence is your mind or heart. Kindness and empathy make someone more attractive. A man of kindness and empathy may seem good-looking despite not being handsome andis wearing luxuries to glorify their appearance. Another aspect belief or determination. For example, in the Revolution, it is happy to see those who could turn a blind eye taking part as a social unit.

3. Health

This is not about body shaming, but being skinny or being obese has an adverse effect on someone’s health. Although these things may be derived from biological matters, we should keep ourselves fit. Staying fit can make us healthier, confident, and even good-looking. Like being skinny and being obese, the smell of cigarettes and liquor also makes someone less attractive, no matter how good-looking they are. So, it would be wise to change your lifestyle and personal hygiene whenever necessary.

4. Skills

Apart from your professional capabilities, other skills are also needed as they can make you more attractive. Your should be good at playing musical instruments and sports and other skills. In this case, skills like cooking make a man more attractive as cooking is no longer a taboo skill for women.

5. Identity and Style

Some boys go well with long hair and some with shorter hair. Some girls are more into
masculine fashions. The most important point is that you need to know what style goes well with you. You don’t have to follow the latest trends or fashion. The style you choose can make you comfortable and confident. When creating your own identity and style, it is important to be consistent. Consistency can make others see you along with your own style and identity.

6. Personality

Another thing that makes us more attractive is our personality. Take Zan Kyi as an example. What makes him more attractive is his personality: he has integrity, loyalty, and a strong passion for the arts. But, it does not mean that his personality is ideal. Each and every kind of personality has its own merits and drawbacks. And again, the way people perceive being good-looking or attractive also differs from each other and is subjective.
However, being attractive does not depend only on your appearance. So, it is a vanity to understand that success and trust are in your hands and can be achieved by following the aforementioned facts although it is difficult to change the way you look.

Original Content – Dr. Phio Thiha

Translation – C4R Team

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  2. I really like this information.
    Among these points, I like mind, health and skills.
    Especially, ,,”kindness and empathy make someone more attractive.”
    I really love this article.🍀🍀✊

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