Children and Tropical Summer

After a terrible Winter, a terrible summer is coming for children!

Very hot summer is a danger for kids since the kids do not have a complete body structure.

Up to 1 year of age,
The hypothalamus which controls and regulates extreme temperature has not developed yet since babies’ brains have not developed.
Because of an incomplete skin system, the bodies cannot excrete sweat to be cool when facing extreme heat.
Melanin, which is a pigment of a body that protects heat, is still insufficient.
Therefore, it is the age and if faced with extreme heat, it can even happen to death.

What should we do???
If we go out in summer,
You should not bring your babies younger than 6 months outside.
It is the age that should not be exposed directly to sunlight.
If you have to bring your babies for sure, using umbrella, hats, and long cotton sleeve and trousers should be wore.
(Do not apply sun-screen to babies younger than 6 months.)
Avoid the broad daylight.
(Sun-screen can be applied to babies older than 6 months.)

Be cool.
Create a cool environment for children.
Wear light cotton clothes.
Let them live and play under shadow or place with a slightly cool breeze.
Fan can be used with slightly wind.
Place Air-Conditioner temperature at 24-25˙C. (Be careful not to be extremely cold.)
If it is very hot, you can let them play in the pool with you. (Be careful not to lose your hands.)

In the car,
Open the air-conditioner or car windows (if you want to save fuel.)
Do not leave your babies alone in the enclosed car since the wind inside the car is very hot.

In the cradle,
Do not cover the cradle, it can lead to covering the breeze that can keep the baby cool.

What will happen because of extreme heat???
Heat rash….
Heat rash and red spots can appear under the chin, neck and the surrounding which the diapers used.
The cream including zinc can be applied.
Please avoid fixed diapers and trousers.
(Wearing traditional or other strings on the neck can worsen the rash.)

Babies are not as fresh as normal. The lips will be dried. They will ask for water frequently. Urine excretion will be decreased than normal. If the fontanelle and eye are sunken, your baby is having extreme heat and he/she is dehydrated.
At that time, feed more milk than normal. If the baby is over 6 months, water or cooled soup, etc, should be fed.
(If the baby feels good, you can feed as normal.)

Suffer from sunstroke….
If the symptoms are worsened and the body temperature is extremely high (over 40˙C) and the baby is pale and increase breathing rate, you must urgently go to the doctor since your child is suffering from sunstroke.
(Before seeing a doctor, you can apply cool bathing, placing him/her in a cool place if your child is under conscious. )

Let’s note these facts to keep our children safe under extreme temperatures.

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