About Typhoid


Bacteria called Salmonella Typhi can cause typhoid. It can infect human body through the intake of unclean (contaminated) food and water. It is spread through the contact with fecal material from infected persons. It is fatal unless immediate cure given.
Salmonella Typhi can cause food poising as well.

Symptoms ;
– high fever
– headache
– muscle aches
– delicate to fatigue
– coughing
– constipation

It can also cause
– loss of appetite
– diarrhea
– skin rashes
When it gets worse.
It is fatal unless immediate treatment given.

If typhoid is early diagnosed, it can be cured by taking antibiotics oral medicine for a week or a couple of weeks. However, taking antibiotics on your own is not advised. Your medical doctor’s supervision is recommended.

You may have to be admitted to the hospital if it gets severe.

Vaccination is recommended before your travel to India, Africa, South East Asia, and South America where typhoid is common.
As a last tip to get rid of this typhoid infection, drink boiled water and eat hygienic food.

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