Chewing betel-nut gum and oral cancer

When you eat betel-nut gum, it can improve your mood due to some particles released through the small ingredients of betel nut.

However, consequently, there are still many health complications that can occur from eating betel nut. The health effects that can be caused by eating betel gum will be continued in talks. 

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), oral cancer may be caused by eating betel nuts. It warns that esophageal cancer may also occur.

Studies have shown that eating betel-nut gum can cause the mouth to become dry and stiff, and eventually the jaw may become immobile. If you eat betel nut gum on a regular basis, the oral cavity and teeth will be stained with grimes, causing your teeth to become dark- red or black, which can affect your teeth and oral health. In addition, due to eating betel-nut, it also increases the risk of heart disease, obesity and other certain diseases. Eating betel-nut gums can be quite addictive, so it’s important not to try out in the first place.

In short, by eating betel nut gum regularly – 

▫️Death of oral cells in the mouth
▫️ Potential risk of Oral cancer
▫️ Betel-nut gums addiction
▫️ In pregnant women, there is a possibility of giving birth to an underweight baby

There may be such adverse health conditions.

All in all, if possible, it is best to avoid chewing them. Even if you chew it, it should be taken cautiously so as not to cause any harm.

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