We all must have seen the news that there is a smallpox disease called “Monkeypox” in different parts of the world.

This disease,as it’s name suggests,is an infectious disease that occurs when a virus called Monkeypox is infected.
Monkeypox outbreaks have recently been confirmed in European countries including the US,UK,Belgium,and Austrlia.
This disease is not a new disease.It is a disease that has been occuring in humans since 1970.It was first discovered in the African country of the Congo.

We can be infected when we touch the fluid feom wound and blood of infected animals such as squirrel,mouse or monkey directly, when we are scratched by the claws of them and when we are bitten.And then we can be infected also by eating raw meat of infected animals.

In Man to Man infection,
The one who lives longer with infected person can be infected from blood,mucus and saliva,etc… .And then we still need to observe that it can be infected from having sex.
Infected person may get the symptons such as

  • High fever
  • Headache
  • Extuberance of thyroid
  • Back pain
  • Indisposition and
  • Debility etc… within 5 days.

After that

Rashes appear(mainly on the face,limbs,and,palate).
When the rash first appears,it is usually just a spot on the skin,and later it will gradually change by becoming swollen,accumulation of fluid,etc.Later,it will dry up and fall off.
In people who suffer from severe disease,small bumps may accumulate and the skin may fall apart in layers.

The disease usually resolves within 2 to 4 weeks.But children,people with disease,people with immunodeficiency disease often have severe symptons.

There is no vaccine against monkeypox,but some studies suggest that the smallpox vaccine can prevent up to 85% of cases of monkeypox.

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