“Newton’s Laws Of Gravitation” Vs “Gravity stated by Einstein”

Newton’s Laws Of Gravitation According to Newton’s law, every particle attracts every other particle in the universe. For instance, between the sun and the earth and between the earth and the moon, there are respective attractive forces. His law states that the gravitational force can act upon an object no matter how far the distance …

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Coral Castle

Have you ever heard about Coral Castle?What is this and how was it built? Let’s read with me until the last. Actually,thinking about Coral Castle in Florida may be jaw-dropping as we the humans in 21 st century. It is really a wonderful one. Some might have known about it but most of you will …

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For today’s topic, we’re going to talk about something almost everyone has seen or heard at least once in photos, movies and videos.  However, you might not even know what it is called or the science behind it. This is gonna be interesting. You may have seen lights across the dark sky that appear in …

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